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DMS Untuk Pengelolaan Pelanggan Yang Effisien

SISTEM MANAJEMEN DEALER (DMS) UNTUK PENGELOLAAN PELANGGAN YANG EFISIEN Fleksibilitas yang tinggi untuk dealer mobil di pasar yang berubah dengan cepat Administrasi yang lebih baik dari angka-angka keuangan utama dan data penjualan Merekam dan memantau kepuasan...

ERP Akselerasi Bisnis Dengan Solusi Menyeluruh

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) merupakan system manajemen data perusahaan yang mengintegrasikan keseluruhan informasi fungsional baik sebagai kontrol pada perusahaan ataupun mengatur proses bisnis perusahaan meliputi marketing, produksi, pembelian dan accounting...

Transformasi Digital dalam dunia Otomotif

Transformasi Digital akan membuat Perubahan yang signifikan dari industri tradisional di dorong oleh kecepatan, biaya teknologi yang semakin murah dan bagaimana perusahaan berkembang dengan cepat. Otomotif Industri pada 2018 di prediksi akan jauh berkembang pesat....

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solusi Terbaik

Customer Relationship Management adalah strategi untuk mengelola hubungan dan interaksi organisasi dengan pelanggan dan pelanggan potensial. Sistem CRM membantu perusahaan tetap terhubung dengan pelanggan, merampingkan proses, dan meningkatkan profitabilitas. Ketika...

Technosoft Insider | June 2018

We can feel excitement our Muslim customers who will reach the peak of the great Muslim festivities. On behalf of Technosoft family, i would like to wish our Muslim customers a joyous and blessed Eid Mubarak. May your heart be filled with peace, harmony and joy.

Technosoft Insider | April 2018

Adapting to the ever-evolving behaviors of modern day, sales and marketing department need to evaluate how they are currently doing business and adapt their processes, tools, and interactions to ensure success in the future. Today, with the right tool, sellers can create personalized experiences with the right people, offer insights and recommendations based on customer needs. Digital tools, like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, provide sellers with the data needed to help them prioritize customers and prospects outreach or selling activities with adaptable sales process flow. Using Visual Process Designer and Automation, sellers can focus on building relationships versus managing a tool. Reducing distractions increases seller productivity and empowers them to focus on building customer engagement.
If you want to know more how does Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement can drive more productivity and increase more sales and customer retention, please feel free to contact us.

Technosoft Insider | March 2018

Cloud computing is the heart of the Digital Transformation in Business as well as the Strategy and Growth that we believe. As Microsoft partner, I would highlight Azure for Microsoft Cloud Computing – a Trusted global hybrid cloud computing technology for Enterprises.

Technosoft Insider | February 2018

After waiting for a while, finally, Microsoft announce a preview version of the new Dynamics 365 Marketing module for small to midsize businesses. The preview release can be installed by partners and will be available for public in April 2018.

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Keep up-to-date with what’s happening on the cloud business industries. Gain some insight on how to leverage your business to a whole new level.

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