Enterprise Resource Planning

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Adaptable business-management solution that enables you and your people to make business decisions with confidence.
Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems assist companies with identifying and managing enterprise-wide resources and automating critical business processes in areas such as manufacturing, distribution, project management, human resources, accounting and finance. Technosoft Consulting since 1996 has offered ERP solutions to its clients. This solution not only will guarantee reliable, faster and low cost implementations but also will improve overall client’s business process. Having implementing ERP solutions over 120 customers in 12 countries, Technosoft Consulting really understands the business process, the needs and the problems faced by the SME. No matter what business are you in, we have the experience in implementing the solutions.

Our ERP Products

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an adaptable business-management solution that enables you and your people to make business decisions with confidence. Microsoft Dynamics AX works like familiar Microsoft software such as Microsoft Office programs and Microsoft SQL Server.

Accessible from both Microsoft Outlook and the Web, Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a flexible scalable architecture that integrates easily with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics, third-party applications and your business’s customer-facing Web site. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also includes reporting tools for accurate forecasting and measurement of business activity and employee performance. Built using Microsoft .NET–connected technologies, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is easy to deploy, customize, and use, accessible from Microsoft Outlook® and the Web, integrates with other business applications, and scales as your business grows. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps businesses build profitable customer relationships. Integrated Marketing, Sales and Customer Service modules enable employees to share information to improve sales success and deliver consistent, efficient customer service.

Microsoft Dynamics SL

Microsoft designs and delivers the Microsoft Dynamics SL suite of e-business software that adapts quickly to meet the changing needs of today’s dynamic small to mid-sized organizations. No matter how fast or how extensively your company expands or evolves, Microsoft Dynamics SL will help you keep the pace with flexible business applications that are easy to tailor, for a fast time-to-solution to meet your needs today-and in the future. Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Microsoft Solomon) is designed to provide you with an information system that can take your business into the next century. With the latest Microsoft Dynamics SL, you can raise the bar for productivity, performance, and growth across your entire organization. Based on extensive research and feedback from customers and partners, Microsoft Dynamics SL delivers the familiar user experience your people need; insight to fuel the results your customers want; and new ways for your projectdriven business to adapt-and thrive-in a connected world. Take advantage of the latest technology innovations with a new web services architecture that delivers stronger performance and efficient integrations for your current systems—and those you implement in the future. You can enhance your ERP solution by connecting with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to sync customer and project data, and access Microsoft Project Server to bring together processes and financials.

Microsoft Dynamics SL consists of over 50 standard modules designed to meet the most common financial, project, service, distribution, manufacturing, and e-business needs. With rapidly changing business conditions, you can’t anticipate all of your needs for tomorrow. Microsoft Dynamics SL is designed with an architecture and tools you’ll need to address unique challenges as they arise. As a result, Microsoft Dynamics SL business solutions can be quickly customized for your environment, easily integrated into your existing system, and adapted over time as your needs change. Companies in over 400 industries have addressed business requirements with Microsoft Dynamics SL in ways never before imagined.


Acumatica is an integrated suite of web-based accounting, ERP, financial, content management, and business management software which can be accessed from anywhere using any popular web browser. Acumatica Web-Based ERPAcumatica is designed to be hosted on-premise, at a datacenter, or on a cloud computing platform.

Acumatica is a secure web-based system that delivers enterprise-class features to manage complex business requirements without the need to install client software. Integration of a document management system enables your organization to create secure internal websites (wikis) and atach supporting documents such as forecasts and receipts directly to pages and transactions. Acumatica financials can be used in practically any industry including financial services, health care, agricultural, manufacturing and distribution, real-estate, franchising, energy, transportation, consulting services, intellectual goods, entertainment, government and non-profit organizations to name a few.

JAAS Manufacturing System

JAAS Advance Manufacturing System (JAMS) provides a comprehensive solution for your manufacturing requirements that integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Dynamics SL providing you a powerful suite of applications to address the mid-sized manufacturing marketplace. JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software (JAMS) is a series of powerful manufacturing applications, designed to provide real time solutions to a wide mix of manufacturing organizations. Make to Stock, Make to Order, Repetitive Process, and Contract Manufactures can benefit from the JAMS System.

JAMS was written to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics™ SL, an award winning application suite. JAMS uses both the financial and distribution modules of Microsoft Dynamics™ SL to provide a comprehensive solution. By leveraging Dynamics™ SL’s flexible architecture, JAMS has created an environment that is easy to manage, yet powerful. JAMS readily provides the information needed by manufacturers to remain profitable in a changing and competitive marketplace. A Microsoft Dynamics™ SL / JAMS solution brings balance to a marketplace where there was none. Most manufacturing solutions, though strong in manufacturing, are very weak supporting the financial and/or the distribution needs of a company.  The Microsoft Dynamics™ SL / JAMS solution brings strong functionality for all parts of the business. JAMS modules consist of:

  • Bill of Material
  • Production Management
  • Matrial Requirement Planning
  • Capacity Requirements Planning
  • Product Configurator
  • Release Accounting
  • Quoting & Estimating
  • JAMS View

These modules are designed and developed to give you a powerful suite of applications to address the mid-sized manufacturing marketplace.

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