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The world is changing too fast, then businesses need to change as well. Today, many customers have learned to shop and engage in other ways. Their interactions and purchases are happening from home or through their mobile devices. As customers, they are expecting more personalized experiences with the brands they engage with. The new role of marketing is to personalize customers experiences across all touchpoints. To succeed, you will have to understand your customer better and build emotional connections to make them feel special.

All business industries, without exception, need to face this challenge of keeping up with advancing technology. Financial industry is one of sector industry that also affected with this challenge. As consumers continue their mass migration toward digital and mobile banking solutions, reaching them is a digital challenge that traditional banks often struggle with.

Financial organizations have to find out some of the strategies and approaches that are changing modern marketing into a data-driven revenue generation engine that can be a difference-maker. With a shift to digital, less people are using bank branches, creating a challenge where people don’t know the best way to interact with the bank and losing contact.

Dynamics 365 Marketing revolutionizes marketing automation into a much broader, end-to-end customer experience. It will really help your organizations to keep engage with your customers. You can engage customers in real time, win customers and earn loyalty faster with end-to-end experiences across all touchpoints.

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a marketing automation application that helps turn prospects into business relationships. For example, when you organize and publicize events, you can keep all the information about your event such as venues, logistics, ticketing, sessions, speakers, sponsors, targeting attendees and more in one place so your whole team can coordinate while working on them. You can also generate an online event website where attendees can review event information and register online. Integrate your events into your marketing email messages and customer journeys to help get the word out.


After the event you can make survey results, or more actionable. Easy-to-create surveys help you gather actionable feedback from customers. Understand individual customer needs and expectations so you can grow relationships and revenue. By analysing survey results, you can develop a deeper understanding of your market with a 360-degree view of every lead and customer. Connected processes and a single source of information ensure that both sales and marketing have the latest data, including key contacts, recent activities, past purchases, and open opportunities. You can do all your post follow up, email marketing out extra information from that event as well.

In addition, you can set up automated lead-scoring rules that automatically identify your hottest leads based on how they interact with your events and customer journeys. As soon as a lead meets an agreed-on sales-ready score, the system automatically routes it to a salesperson to follow up while the lead is still hot. Route the most promising leads to sales when they reach an agreed-on sales-ready grade.

With the game changing capabilities of Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can engage with customers during their moments of need, elevating personalized your customers experiences, and orchestrate personalized journeys across all touchpoints to strengthen relationships and earn loyalty. So that your customers really got that end-to-end journey with personalized experience with your organization.

Should you interested about Dynamics 365 Marketing Automation, please do not hesitate to contact us and let’s standing out to overcome this condition by innovating and leveraging your business!

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