Technosoft Customer Gathering 2021
In this special occasion, Technosoft would like to say thank you to all Technosoft’s valued customer, we are so grateful for the pleasure of serving you, your trust means the world to us, and we will do our best to continue giving you the best service.
Even though this Technosoft Customer Gathering 2021 held virtually and we didn’t meet in person yet, but we are really appreciate for your participation at this event.

As we known that almost two years that have been a challenging time for all of us. We were facing the unpredictable circumstances and was impacted our business process as well. According to these situations, Technosoft has adjusted our way to the new normal. We are keeping up the effectiveness, productivity, motivation & continuous learning​ through several approaches:

  • Schedule & Monitoring
    We were already working with cloud collaboration and source code management tool to manage tasks, schedule & codes since pre-covid time. Nowadays, the tools turned up to be truly valuable, as the team can be just as effective when transitioning to work from home.
  • Culture & Sense of Belonging
    Maintaining the same consistent work culture & sense of belonging for all members is not an easy thing especially for new members. Having clear, precise and detail instructions/tasks & opportunities to work in the office for a few times help overcome some of challenges.
  • Learning & Mentoring
    Remote mentoring & coordination for junior members are not easy. Offices are kept open in case needed for collaboration.​
    Fill-in skill gaps with fostering cross-area assignments, continuous learning and certifications.
  • Reimagining the Role of Office
    Continuously introducing automation, digitalization & other technologies in Technosoft workplace to enable remote work at anytime. Role of office is mainly on creating culture & sense of belonging (building chemistry among team members).​ While in the office, we conduct Hybrid meetings. In-person meetings are needed close collaboration.

Beside updating the key how Technosoft facing the new normal, we also reintroduced tools that might can help you to increasing your business and facilitate your business in digital transformation journey by creating new agile ways to enable digitalization and automation for our customers.

1. Proactively engage customers at every step of the personalized journey with Dynamics for Marketing.

Dynamics 365 Marketing enables you to elevate your customer experiences in different ways:Engage customers in real-time.

  • Win customers and earn loyalty faster.
  • Personalize ​customer experiences ​with AI.
  • Build customer ​trust with a ​unified, adaptable platform.
2. Boost productivity, reduce redundancy and scale securely with Power Automate, low-code automation platform.​

Automate business processes across Power Platform enables you to:

  • Expand and improve business processes with integrated RPA workflows.
  • Send automatic reminders for past due tasks.
  • Move business data between systems on a schedule.
  • Create a flow once and enable makers to use it across the Power Platform.
  • Extend the automation capabilities in Power Automate to on-premises processes and tasks with Power Automate Desktop.
3. Easily build and manage intelligent chatbots with AI-powered personalized response.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents empowers everyone to create intelligent conversational bots – from citizen developers, business users to professional developers alike – to seamlessly build secure and scalable virtual agents together in a single bot building platform.

4. Predict and manage pipeline with confidence with Dynamics Sales Insights.

Dynamics 365 Sales enables salespeople to build strong relationships with their customers, take actions based on insights, and close deals faster. Keep up with a rapidly changing environment with flexible and intelligent forecasting solutions.​ Predictive forecasting increases accuracy and shortens planning cycles by automatically supplementing seller-generated forecasts with objective data-driven signals. Intuitively track and analyse changes in the pipeline using snapshots and deal flow visualization.

We hope that through our digital solutions will help your organizations to discover how to innovate your business solution to differentiate your business from your competitors by providing more value-added services to your customer. Once again, thank you for your continuously trust. We hope this situation will recover as soon as possible so all of us can return to our normal activities, recover our business as well, and we can meet in person at the next Customer Gathering or others event. We are always committed to deliver innovative solutions to help your business grow in the best possible way.

Should you have any inquiry or suggestion regarding our team, our products or something like that please do not hesitate to contact us. Your suggestions will help us improve our value and continuously delivering high quality services to you.

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