Technosoft was proudly to present Annual Technosoft Technology Update Event “Customer Centric Automotive Retail Solution Demo Day”, that was organized virtually on September 22nd, 2020.

The event was a one-day solution demo, where we showed up about our latest release of Automotive Retail Business Solution, and about how these technologies and business solution could facilitate as catalysts for Automotive industries in digital transformation journey.

Automotive Retail

We divided this event into the two session, and in each session has some topics that could be the answer for all Automotive industries to create an innovation in their business specifically to facing this challenging Covid-19 Crisis. The topics of this event were as follows:

  • Understanding emerging customer behaviour trends to create personalized customer journey
  • Engaging with prospects and vehicle owners in the new post Covid-19 era
  • Leverage on ML & AI for communication efficiency and productivity
  • Boosting omnichannel touchpoints to increase customer engagement in social distancing
  • Ensure operational agility anytime, anywhere with automation and modern app
  • Mind share over market share – increase loyalty and advocacy through customer voice
  • How data & analytics can help dealers transform & adapt to the new challenges of a Post Covid World

Through these topics, Technosoft not only showed the demo about our business solutions, but we gave new insights for all Automotive Industries to adapt in this Pandemic situation as well. By using digital transformation, it will help organizations to recover and provide value-added to their business processes.

Here is recording and presentation that we use during the show:


If you want to know more about how our business solutions can drive more productivity and gain some insight on how to leverage your business to a whole new level, please do not be hesitate to contact us!

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