In today’s digital era, customer data is very important. Customer data spans everything from anonymous ad impressions to known purchases, product usage, and customer service interactions. As the next step in marketing technology, Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the solution to the problem of disconnected customer data systems.

Customer Data Platform (CDP) provides a comprehensive data-based marketing key, a very attractive marketing concept where all your customer data is such as: demographic data, demographic information, customer behaviour, to product purchase transaction history and product price ranges. All this data may be combined on CDP for marketing (and other) purposes.


Each category of customer data can be used to improve engagement with new and existing customers. In-order for customer data to be useful, however, it needs to be removed from the silos, unified, and accessible. Far from simply aggregating that data, a CDP is designed to analyze this multi-source data and provide insights, recommendations, and a holistic view of each customer that’s based on data from every stage of the buyer’s journey. A CDP provides a foundation for that deeper understanding and can be used to improve and enrich all customer touchpoints, such as marketing customer profile, sales customer profile, and service.

CDP enables you to unify all your customer data to gain a deep audience insights. By combining transactional, behavioural, and demographic data in real time to create a 360-degree view of your customers so you can provide proactive, omnichannel support that leaves customers feeling understood and valued.

A customer data platform app can deliver numerous benefits to your organization, including flexibility and agility, greater efficiency, data accessibility. While a customer data platform shares some similarities with other customer data solutions, it’s important to understand how a CDP differs from the other systems you might already be using.

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