Educational institutions should begin to pay attention and improve the quality of service performance aside from the quality of education. Institution’s success depends on lifelong relationship with the key constituents. Institutions should find the ways to strengthen relationship throughout their students life-cycle and beyond.

Technosoft enables the institutions to initiate and develop it through holistic 360° customer relationship management solutions built specifically for the educational institutions. Technosoft education solution is a holistic solution that allow you  connected with your key constituents in new ways using social, mobile, and cloud technologies,  also enables you to become an integrated institute, place students at the center of everything you do, and achieve breakthrough performance across the student lifecycle.

This system allows you to maximize your student recruiter productivity and performance, increase yield, and gain a 360° insight on your prospects.

Besides, you can carry out any marketing activities to reach your prospects, such as launch campaigns in a short timeline, adapt prebuilt templates for suggested campaigns or emails, connecting systems to extend and align processes. Omni-channel distribution, automatically create and manage comprehensive activity profiles for any student that visits your website, receives an email, or gets uploaded to your database. You can deliver specific campaigns and interventions based on profiles and behaviours (targeted marketing list), track responses to specific campaigns and align interests and needs to content (campaign response) and measure the impact /result.

How Technosoft Education Solution provides manage the students? By using this system, you can connect with your students, build a community of advocates that are proud of your institute by listening what matters most to them and respond by showing that you’re not only listening, but also taking action. Identify at risk students and pro-actively engage them, interacting with personalized and relevant communications, and prevent drop out. it helps you get a 360° student view, provide smooth integration, and give you the chance to engage with your students, turn your interactions into meaningful connections that keep them active members of your community.

Education System

This system is not specified applicable for higher education only, but also can be used for K12 education. Especially in “this new normal era” that caused the education sector run into digital transformation, where learning activities should be carried out from home. Educational institutions should prepare themselves to build an appropriate education system to ensure that learning activities are not disrupted and can continue to run effectively. Good coordination between institutions and parents is needed to be able to control the student’s development during learning. Technosoft Education Solution allows parent to be able to monitor their children during the learning period through the parent student portal. By using parent student portal, parents will be able to view all activities and achievement of their children, such as for homework, grades, and attendance. It will ensure students can still participate in all learning activities correctly, even though they cannot go to school.

Education System

Education System

Integrate Technosoft Education Solution for recruiting, student success, advancement, marketing, and alumni community engagement. We empower you to transform and execute on your vision for education like never before. Should you interested to know much more about Technosoft Education System or other solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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