Using Omnichannel
Omnichannel represents an evolution in customer service that empower customers to interact with the brand by any media channel or devices. Consumers can all be fine regularly switching from e-commerce website to a smartphone, to a physical store, when connecting research, completing purchases and also complaint at the same time.

As technology used has increased, people are getting more educated, and they expect a seamless and consistent experience across the different channels. They use many available channels to get anything they required, and they expect to be able purchase securely from anywhere, anytime, without having to go to a physical store. They want multiple sources to choose from and sometimes multiple destinations at the same time. In addition, they want the closest location for the lowest cost and purchase delivery including pick up in store at a specific time.

According to these conditions, organizations should find the way how to meet and deliver their customers expectation, and how to align their customers expectation with company goals. Many organizations trying very hard to preview their goals and deliver what their customers expect. They try to deliver outstanding service by providing personalize service, predictive service, and proactive service to the customer.

In fact, the challenge for organizations is not only about how to provide connection between different computation coming from different channels, but they also need to be an answer that they deliver consistent and integrated service quality regardless of rich channel at the same time. Your customers may be contacting your organization across channel, either to get some information on your products or to ask for some issues regarding your products.

Working within the Omnichannel for Customer Service, allows you to engage with your customers across their preferred channels. It is enabling you to have a live chat service for greater customer convenience and a swift response time. By using Omnichannel, which can handle multiple sessions per day, keeps communication lines open continuously and supplies real-time and historical visibility into agent’s work, allowing your organization to raise the bar of performance excellence. You might provide seamless, end-to-end customer service experiences within a single solution built on the Microsoft cloud to deliver consistent, connected support across channels.

Empowering customers, at the same time not only increasing your revenue but it can build the trust of your customers so that they become a loyal customer.

Let’s find out how to provide seamless customer service experience to engage with your customers and be as close as possible with them by using a single solution!


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